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Ok, so I understand buying a payware aircraft for something that doesn't come with the sim, but why would I be interested in purchasing a Cessna 172SP when X-Plane 11 comes with one. What would be the advantage of paying $35 for an aircraft that's included?

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Others, myself included, are always looking for the "perfect" simulated version of an aircraft. For X-Plane I have added the Simcoders REP-C172 expansion pack, plus the Airfoillabs-C172SP. Also have P3D v4 with A2A's C172. Have just started towards my PPL, so only have a few hours flight time. But at this point (for myself), X-Planes's default C172 is the most realistic - particularly with respect to landings (flare, floating) and stall behavior. Other payware versions have added features such as pre-flight walk-arounds, etc. -  certainly important in getting a PPL, but not part of the flight dynamics.
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So what your stating is, unless I'm trying to get my PPL, there wouldn't be much reason for me to purchase an addon, Airfoillabs C172SP?
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That depends... the Airfoillabs C172SP package includes more "ground school" reality, pre-flight walk-arounds, etc. This is all part of the procedural knowledge base you'll require to get your PPL.

When I got the Airfoillabs C172SP I'd hoped for something more realistic, e.g. "tweaking" of the flight dynamics - however, I've found that the C172SP package seems less realistic in certain areas. Examples: the pedal control (particularly on the ground) is too sensitive, the p-torque is over emphasized, the nose pitch-up, when flaps are lowered, again over done, and the landing gear strut spring rate is too under damped.

Again, realize that I have only a few hours so far (added two more today) - just my observations to date.
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The ground school reality stuff isn't something I'm really interested in as I'm more interested in the flight model and functionality of the instrument panel. Is there another package you were prefer to recommend over the Airfoillabs model that has better realism in the flight model and instrument panel?