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Hello everybody

I bought xplane airliner on ios  for 4.49 euros 4 years ago but when i install it on ios 11 and i launch the game he tell me that the application is no longer compatible with ios 11?

How can I do to be refund by laminar research please?

thank you.

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Hi hossein,

I am not with Laminar Research, just a flight simmer.

My reading of your request is you want a refund for a 3rd party aircraft or product you purchased some time back.

This is not the venue to make such a request.  It should be with the party you made the purchase from.  Laminar Research only sells the X-Plane software.  If your purchase was from Xplane .org then that reseller and Laminar Research have not connection of any type between each other as they are different companies.  So asking for a refund from Laminar has been a waste of your time.

I suspect that what you purchased 4 years ago was for the X-Plane 10 platform.  XPlane 11 and XPlane 10 are completely different platforms and are not compatible.  The analogy is purchasing something that will run on a Mac system and you are now trying to run it on a windows based system although you mention an iOS operating system which I presume is the Mac system.  The change is called progressive improvement and technology advancement just like moving from analogue to digital.

An alternative comparison was when 35mm film was no longer available and cameras changed to digital.  For me I can no longer use my rather costly cameras which now sit in the cupboard

A lot of us have libraries of XP10 products and are no longer able to use them with XP11.  It is a loss we have to bare.

 You will just have to put it in the drawer and suffer the financial loss.

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Thank you for your answer

It was xplane airliner that i bought on the appstore and if I understand your answer you tell me that laminar reasearch cannot refund to me this app by the fact that it is already not compatible with ios 11.


PS sorry if my english is bad i'm french :)
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Hi Hossein

To get a definitive answer to your problem from X-Plane contact customer support at [email protected]

Good luck.