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Dear Madam, Sir,

I recently purchased X-Plane11 (DVD box) and looking forward using it. However I have some installation difficulties.

First I got a few messages in relation to the destination on my PC (Windows 10). The default installation seems to be on the deskop (maybe shortcut only). I tried to relocate to another destination.

Typically there are 2 directories for my computer programs : C/ Program Files and C/ Program Files (x86). This didn't work with X-Plane11 to I felt that installing on C/ X-Plane11 might the best solution.

When running the installation program from DVD 1 I get a message 'Invalid Argument' after some time, with 2 choices (cancel or continue). Continue doesn't work (see 2nd screenshot).

Can you advise what is the problem, and how to solve this ?


Many thanks, Eugene


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Inline afbeelding 1


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It is recommended that X-Plane be installed to the desktop. It is never advised to install it to C: or Program files. These locations are known to cause problems

The attachments did not work. I would suggest deleting any partial install (simply select the folder and hit the delete key--X-Plane does not have an uninstaller program as it does not need it). Then start over using the latest installer available here and install to the desktop or a different drive.

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Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.

I followed your advise and finally got Xplane11 running. Probably due to using latest installer. There are still some issues (invalid argument note still there, and cannot load all scenery I want) but that is of later concern.