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I was installing the product and after 90 minutes when the 6th DVD was running, I just got a message saying that there was error while installation and the error is "Invalid Argument". Although I did get the option to continue installation and fix the file later, that option never worked and I had no choice but to abort the installation and start all over again!!! This is very frustrating!! The product is brand new and delivered to me today!

Can I please get some help with this? Thanks!

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The fastest option to get flying would be to install with little or no scenery. Only DVD 1 is needed to install the very base sim with no scenery.

Then you can check the problematic DVD separately. Put it in the drive & navigate to it in a file explorer window. Try to copy the entire contents to the desktop and see if you encounter the error again. If you do, the DVD may be defective and you will need to contact whoever sold it to you. If it was purchased directly from, you should email [email protected].