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I was going to reinstall windows to try and remedy this but more and more I'm not sure this a windows issue - nor an issue with my monitor. It may be video card GeForce 730 but no clues there either. Might someone know where does x-plane look to find this following setup info - in order to report this failure or mismatch here in the log like this?

0:00:00.000 E/PRF: Failed to restore custom screen resolution. Monitor 0 does not appear to support a resolution of 0x832472376. 

It is not even a normal screen resolution - it makes no sense to me but I am not an expert or coder... It does seem there must be a place x-plane loaders look to check and load or report the error regarding this error- does anyone know where that is?

I am using a new Westinghouse 50 in 4G TV -WD50UC4300 - - x-plane 10 runs fine... the video card is GT730 Nvidia 4gb ... win 7 64 - intel P5PQL-AM MB CPU =2.6 QUAD  8gb ram..


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Information about a previous set up is saved in your preferences. These are found in the main X-Plane folder > Output > Preferences. Move, delete or rename the entire folder to restore defaults. Or you can try to delete select files but I suspect monitor info may be in more than one. (We do not do a good job of separating .prf files by area they handle.)
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Thank you, I believe you are on the right track. It seems there is a file, deeper, in windows as a result of an older installation that does not live in the regular x-plane folder group. I found some as I searched the registry but was really not sure enough of outcome to delete some of them. I can be more forthcoming and candid in sharing that I'd installed what turned out to be a fake copy - it tricked the install to turn the demo into working full copy. I installed it, it worked - but I was not ok with a pirated copy. I deleted it - tried to return to the simple demo. It failed - same as now. I wrote a note asking for a discount so could buy a real version. I received a nice discount to do just that ..but the demo still won't run and I am sure it will be the same for the full version - so I have been trying to troubleshoot. I figured I'd need to re-install windows - so I took advantage of a nice backup plan from ASUS - and have been backing up my drive for a week now already [!!]. It's almost done - it is very, very slow - as many as ten days for my HD. So, I've been just trying this and that as a last resort (I'd rather not re-install the os if I don't have to..

So, I surmised there is a file entry somewhere and went to the regedit to search as one of the persistent files in that folder you pointed to says only one thing:UNSAFE.  That convinced me it was as I suggest in my reply - x-plane is referencing a hold over from that fake install - somewhere in windows - probably like a cookie is my guess..

I'll most likely wind up wiping the HD in order to install the new full game. You 'play' you pay... I knew it was fake. Thanks for your try at help - it did get to the bottom of the problem. I can delete the entire install [not just for folder] and it will repeat. I get it now. Thank you.

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The official program from Laminar Research will only save preferences in two places: Output > preferences (sim prefs), or DRM prefs are saved in the local app data folder, e.g. C:\Users\nnnn\AppData\Local\.  

You can delete all of the X-Plane files in that folder to get rid of any old DRM info and the installer should recognize the machine as not having an install at all.
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Thanks, I"ll do that... Also, I learned Windows adds a folder, file in Prefetch - I deleted that as well - thought that might be telling  pc to change resolution when I opened it but no change. I don't get it - at the last moment its like the screen goes to16 colors or something like that ...just a rainbow of random color - the image, details still sort of visible. Windows scan says files are ok ... I tried disabling nvidia stuff [antialias,etc] or setting each to 'use applic choices' ... over ten days of tinkering. I just don't get it...but thanks, very much for offering your time and help.