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Here is my log text, is anything wrong with regards to the HDR issue I am having?(flickering lines) I have downgraded and also installed the latest NVidia drivers (my gpu (GTX 970) however but that didn't do anything. Is my x-plane copy "defective" by any chance?

Should I upgrade my cpu(i7 4770k @3.5 ghz) and motherboard(MSI Z87-G41)cause they are 3 or more years old?

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Hi Rishi,

At this point, I believe you have tried all the obvious troubleshooting for your issue. There doesn't appear to be anything else wrong from your log.txt. 

From earlier posts, you figured out the lines were associated with HDR rendering, and you have submitted a bug report. Please note you will most likely not hear from the developers. For now, your best bet is to turn off HDR mode and check for release notes when 10.50b1 comes out later to see if a fix is included.

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Thanks for all your help:)