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We are making a simulator with Xplane 10 Pro (dongle version). We have 2 computers: 1 will be running the controls (striling dynamics tq,cylic,rudder,already got Xplane10 pro licence from striling dynamics ) and 2 will be running 3 projectors and 1 monitor for PFD. 3 projectors will be warped with a sofware( xplane pro licence will be purchased from you with dongle)  Question 1 : how can we make this setup? Communicate the 2 computers is possible ? Question 2: If we use your warp system can we use it with this setup. and how.

Waiting your prompt answers so that we will purcahe the license right away.


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Caner Cenneto─člu

Agronn Simulation Tech.

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Yes, X-Plane 10 or 11 can network between multiple computers on the same network. Here is the manual section on how to set up a multiple computer networked sim. Projection warping can be done in X-Plane with the pro use key. 

For any further info on the pro license, please feel free to contact customer support by phone or email for prompt replies.