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I have a real-time propulsion system model running on a dedicated machine. Is it possible to run Xplane on a separate machine and feed speeds, temperatures, thrust, etc. to Xplane via TCP/IP?

I know custom development work will be required but I'm wondering if it's feasible and what level of complexity this entails.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Well yah sure that is what plugins are for!

Go here to start:

With plugins, you can set countless parameters in X-Plane as you like, and there are indeed various engine over-rides you can set to over-ride prop systems and push your plane around.

So you will want a plugin, but, 2 things

1: get x-plane 11.30 beta! work with that it has new datarerfs! (the vars you set to over-ride x-plane)

2: yah write your own networking code to pass propulsion data between machines if the propulsion code has to run on a DIFFERENT mac or pc