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I am trying to get the GPS data from the X-Plane to my iOS Application. So far I am able to establish a UDP connection between X-Plane and my iOS App and I am listening to port 49002. I am getting data from X-Plane but in different sets. Some time data has prefix XGPS2 with bunch of other values and sometime XTRA2 with bunch of other values.

I can identify the Lat and Long form these values which are at different position in these sets, but I am not getting the Altitude of Plane. In the Data Output setting for I have selected the checkmark for two options 1 ( Latitude, Longitude and Altitude) and 2 (All Plane Altitude). I can see some values on Cockpit too(Some type of developer console). But it's showing 8 types of Altitude whereas in UDP data I can only identify one value which resembles one of the 8 values on Cockpit.

I am not sue if it's the correct Altitude. Someone please help me to understand these data sets XGPS2 and XTRA2 and which one to use and how to get actual airplane Altitude.


Thanks in advance.

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