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Hello everyone,

I have a Skydel GPS Simulator (with BNC antenna output), Garmin GNS 430W navigation (with whole Garmin G500 system) and X-Plane 9 installed (X-Plane 10 is also available).

I need to feed the X-Plane simulation with real GPS data/coordinates based on the output from GPS Simulator. I've come so far to two possible ways of "data flow":

  • GPS Simulator ---> GNS 430W ---> X-Plane ("feeding with real unit")
  • GPS Simulator ---> X-Plane ("rewriting internal GPS reference")

Does anyone here faced the same or similar problem? Or does anybody has an experience with feeding X-Plane with navigation data?

My idea was that the current GPS position could be overwritten with external GPS too somehow and in fact "flight the plane" (= change its position on the map in real time).

Thanks in advance!


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