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For some reason the gauges and switches and FMC in all my payware planes no longer work (Zibo mod too ).. if you start up with engines running and in the air, you can hear the engines and fly, but there is nothing on the gauges or FMC and the switches don't work... (see example photos) It must be in my resources folder or a plugin I added, but I can't figure out exactly what's causing it. Any guesses out there. Anyone else ever experience this? I'm thinking it can't be in the aircraft or custom scenery folders, it has to be something else. A conflict somewhere. Small planes like Cessnas with analog gauges seem ok. If I can't find it or get an answer I'm looking at a fresh install...8-10 hours work yuck !

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imageDownload file


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Yup, Fresh installs take soo long. It sucks. Hope it gets sorted for you and doesnt come to that.
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I am having the same experience with default planes and some payware planes after updating to 11.10.

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