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Dear Developers,

I've only been playing X-Plane 11 for a few months but already have noticed some areas that could benefit from further thought and development.

1. There seems to be a 10-15 degree difference between the compass rose orientation on the map (m key) and the GPS heading screen, at least in the 737-800. If you look at the map and determine that you want to fly on a heading of 150, dialling that into the autopilot will not take you exactly in the direction you intended. As I've mentioned it will be about 10-15 degrees off.

2. Taking a screen shot (shift+spacebar) doesn't seem to work. If it is working it's not saving it to the install directory.

3. I did the KLAX-KSFO FMS flight plan example from the FMS pdf file. Why don't you then get all the ATC clearances (taxi, takeoff, landing) that follow? It's like ATC doesn't acknowledge that you've done the FP the long way (i.e. not with the Departure Wizard).

4. When you do use the departure wizard for a flight plan there's no in-flight option to request a different altitude. You're stuck with your original level no matter what. If you go even 500 higher/lower ATC is in your ear telling you to go back to the original altitude.

5. Is there a way of dynamically changing the weather over the duration of the flight, or is it only able to be the same for the entire flight? Not very realistic if it is.

6. Is there a way to change the default cockpit view zoom? I'm constantly zooming out to see more of the flight panels.

7. I have the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS joystick. It has the hat button on top, which is good for looking around the cockpit. I set the left and right positions to "glance left" and "glance right" and these 'glances' spring back to where you were looking (usually forward) when you release the hat button. Sometimes they are too far so I set the 45 degree position to "glance 45 degree left" etc, but this view option does not spring back when you release the hat button. WHY? It says glance 45 degrees left/right. This should be fixed. If the view option says "glance" it should spring back to your starting viewpoint when the button is released.

That's it for now. Happy trails everyone.


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1, Are you sure this isn't magnetic variation (do you know what that is?)

2. Hmmm, works like a charm for me. Check /Output

3-4. ATC is still a work in progress with long history of critique. Use Pilot Edge or VATSIM if this is really important to you.

5. Check internet weather box. It is dynamic and works for me. Use Real Weather Connector from X-Aviation for added realism

6. Set custom views to your heart's content

7. "glance" means different things to different people.
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