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Hello here are some ideas of improvement that I suggest:

Map in game
Would it be possible to dezoom more?
Would it also be possible to navigate around the world on this map?

ATC Block Message Size
When a message is received from ATC, the text is written to the left. I have 3 monitors (NviDia Surround) as well as the TrackIr.
If I want to look at the message that is completely left:

  1.  I can not watch my piloting
  2.  Anyway the TrackIr no longer shows me the front of the plane

Would it be possible to set the size and position of the ATC response block?

ATC surprise
During a scheduled flight, would it be possible to have a checkbox (or other) that creates unforeseen events during the flight:

  • Change of weather
  • Equipment failure
  • Routing to another airport during the final approach
  • Etc.



Thank you for your considerations

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Thank you for the suggestions.

We do already have one of these in place: you can allow equipment to fail randomly in the Failures screen, which is accessed through the the customize aircraft window in Flight Configuration, or under the Flight menu. Check the box for "set global mean time between failures" and change the value in the hours box to a lower number for a higher chance of something randomly breaking.