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  1. Will X-Plane 11 support Nvidia SMP?  (Simultaneous Multi-Projection (distortion correction for those who are using 3 monitors)). If so could the max FOV be increased from 170° (X-Plane 10.51) to 180° or even to 210°?
  2. Will X-Plane 11 support multi views? (Like FSX/P3d). Running X-Plane on 3 PCs or running 3 instances of X-Plane on one PC is an expensive / not well performance solution.
  3. Will X-Plane 11 improve/fix the crosswinds effect (aircraft ground handling) on ground? e.g. At present you cannot keep an airliner on runway during takeoff or landing with an e.g.  30kt crosswind. When the aircraft is airborne the crosswinds effect is OK but on ground it is too much. Airliners can take off and land safety with 35kt or more crosswinds.
  4. Will X-Plane 11 support multi cores? At present a multicore cpu can have a load of just 15% (1 thread have a load of 100%) and X-Plane be cpu bottlenecked running on 20fps.
  5. Will X-Plane 11 improve/fix the rain effect? At present when the rain begins the fps drops dramatically,  especially when the aircraft is moving on ground with bigger speeds or flying (e.g. from 30fps with just clouds to 7-8fps with clouds together with rain).

I will appreciate very much if you could answer the above questions.

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1/2.) I understand that X-Plane 11 is bringing some sort of enhanced multi-monitor capabilities compared to X-Plane 10. I do not have a multi-monitor setup, so I can't really help you with that, but I understand that multi-monitor support is of a greater priority than it was perhaps in previous versions (or simply XP11 is more capable). 

*Bear in mind, though, that increasing the FOV to something like 180° or even 210°  will affect performance, as you are telling the computer to draw much more scenery and textures in the same amount of time (compared to an FOV like 60° to 70°, or even 80°). 

3.) I am not sure about this "crosswind" effect. I know that FSX handled it much worse in my experience (as in you could barely control the plane), whereas X-Plane handles it better. Albeit I understand what you are saying; I am not sure if this 'fix' is on the immediate agenda for Laminar Research. 

4.) X-Plane 11 is bringing multi-core support; the game engine/physics are loaded on Core 0 (to my understanding), then it will load aircraft textures and scenery textures on the next cores. This should distribute the load more fairly. 

5.) I don't normally fly with rain, so I haven't really experienced this. However, in the times I have, I don't recalling having this problem. If you consider this one an issue or problem, report it as a bug by clicking here. Please be sure to be specific with the context (describe the location you were at, the specific weather conditions, the aircraft you were flying, whether you are using plugins/addons, etc.). I also highly encourage you to include the log.txt file in the main X-Plane folder. Do not expect a response from the Bug reporter; it is not a support system, it merely helps the developers to diagnose issues efficiently. 


I hope I answered some of your questions!