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Dear X-Plane team

I would like to run two X-Plane 11 on my Windows PC. I have powerful machine so to use second copy for viewing different panels. Please guide me how to do that?



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Hi max123,

I am not associated with Laminar Research, XforcePC or Ross Barlow.

You can run 2 copies of XP on separate drives within the one PC.  If you run both copies at the one time you may need an additional licence.

Have a look at the following link from Michael Brown at XForcePC.  This company is recommended by Laminar Research as the supplier of purpose built PCs in the USA to run X-Plane.  The link is at 

If you take some time to look at some of the videos I am sure you will find a solution to what you want to accomplish.  The video I think you would be interested in looking at is  There are many others as well.

There is another video that Michael has produced whereby he uses a 4th screen and runs the cockpit panel on that screen.  Can't locate the video.  As I said spend some time trawling through the videos.  In some of the earlier videos he uses two computers and then migrates to two versins on the one PC and the latest he uses 1 version on one PC

Also have a look at the videos from Ross Barlow at the following link   In particular have a look at the videos associated with his "pop out" stories.  I also understand he is associated with the development of a product called Air Manager.

Hope this helps.  Good flying.