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I am having some trouble with the FlightFactor B 757 v2. 

Everything works fine in XP 11, but the XP settings menu (where you can choose the plane, weather, ...) always shows two planes, both named as B757. I already tried to remove the 757 and added it again-no success. 

I attached one picture of the menu. 


Thanks for helping me! 

imageDownload file


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You'll need to contact the aircraft developer.   It could be an issue with adding 3rd party aircraft to the beta but most likely it's due to some setting in the aircraft file structure
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Ok, thank you, I will write back when I got a response from him.


EDIT: There are two aircraft due to the two versions of XP (XP 10 and 11). No bug. Solved!
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You can click on the star in the corner of the aircraft box to mark it as a favorite (on/off).