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when setting up my saitek pro flight I cannot utilize the throttle on  landing.  The throttle automatically stays at 100%.  In the setup, I have to use the reverse on the throttle so that I can move it forward.  now I need to know how to throttle down for  landing.  Is there a way to get rid of the auto throttle across all aircraft?

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I'm not aware of auto throttle on the default aircraft. Please double check the joystick's throttle set up in Joysticks & Equipment. If it is working backwards of what you expect, you can check the box for reverse.
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It was running in reverse so I did check the box.  The throttle automatically goes back to 100% no matter which way it is set up.  I can't land without constantly playing with it and once I land I have to kill the engine (Cessna 172) in order to stop.  This is the same on all default aircraft.  I'll keep working on it.  Thanks.
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If you have any plugins installed, try moving the plugins folder to the desktop & seeing if that fixes the problem.

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