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0:00:11.959 E/DRM: DRM server returned the unknowkn product ID 101

0:00:11.959 E/DRM: Unable to parse server JSON response.

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I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

X-plane 10 and X-plane 11 are totally different packages.  A lot of the 3rd party software packages produced for XP10 will not run in XP11.

A motor vehicle that operates with petrol will not run if you fill the tank with diesel and vice-versa.  XP11 and XP10 falls into this category.

Make sure you don't install both packages into the same directory.  If you install the software onto the desktop (recommended location) make sure they defined as XP10 and XP11.  

My understanding is you will have to purchase a XP10 key as well for the software to run.

If you are new to X-Plane why have you downloaded XP10?  XP11 is a more advanced product and easier to use, particularly when configuring hardware.

Hope this helps and gets you up and flying

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Thanks Glenn.  When I bought XP11, I received the key in a message...

Thank you for purchasing X-Plane 11 as a Digital Download!  Your X-Plane Product Key—good for both X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11—is:  <key-sequence>

Since they told me it would work, I figured I should try it.  Turns out it was a limited time combo deal from Laminar. 

Why XP10?  Because I'm getting lots of crashes in XP11, and poor performance on souped-up hardware.  I need to investigate whether it's XP11 or my PC.  Turns out XP10 works much better on my PC.  I found my old copy of the DVDs, so bypassed the download registration for now; but have to keep a disk in the DVD drive as a penalty.  XP10 is much more stable, performance much better, and joystick control smoother.

Cheers, Niall.