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I downloaded X-Plane a couple of months ago, had problems with my Mac Book Pro and now tried to open X-Plane and it is asking for a Key Code witch I don't have. Please check my online purchase. [email redacted]
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I went ahead and removed your email address from the post, to prevent any automated spam bots that may be scanning the web from finding it.

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For security purposes, we don't keep a record that associates keys with email addresses.

I recommend searching through your email for emails with the subject "Your X-Plane Purchase".
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I have the almost exact problem. I bought the game 2013. I have the CD:s and the Laminar receipt for the purchase and shipping information. I cant find any posts about the code being send to me tough. I have proof of bying the game. So is there anyway that I can have the code since there is no post that contains it.
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The product key is only for users of the digital download version of X-Plane. Since you have the DVDs, you don't need a product key; you can simply put the DVD Disc 1 in your DVD drive to unlock the full version of X-Plane.

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