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I have a MacBook Pro.  I work for Southwest Airlines and am applying for a position as a Navigation Analyst.  One of the requirements of the position is familiarity with the FMS that we use.  I want to use a simulator that will allow me to practice using the B737 FMS during all phases of flight.  It must replicate as closely as possible the ones that are in the airplanes that Boeing delivers.  I know that Microsoft Flight Simulator X does this, but I don't want to mess with Boot Camp to create a partition and run the Windows operating system on my MacBook (risk of viruses, etc. not to mention cost).  Will I be able to accomplish my objective with X-Plane 10?  Am willing to do add-ins to make the FMS realistic if free or reasonably priced.  Thanks.

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The default installation of X-Plane includes the B747, but not the 737, and the FMC has different commands mapped to the buttons than how they are labelled on the FMC. So it's probably not a great training device. 

There is a freeware 737 available here. You could certainly download that, and the X-Plane 10 demo here, and see if it will work for your needs. You wouldn't be out any monetary investment that way.