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I'm running X Plane 10.42 (64 bit). I recently upgraded machines and reinstalled. When I go to take a glider flight, the tow plane runs of the runway. It's like the pilot doesn't know to feed in right rudder. This is new behavior. It did not do this on my old machine. How can I fix this?
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doing this to me as well  Xplane

tow pilot doesnt know how to use left rudder.. runs off right hand side of runway

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In X-Plane 10.40 the "“automagic” rudder code was removed. It could be you're seeing a difference from that. We are working on some improvements to AI aircraft behavior so I believe this behavior will be better in a later update.
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Reinstalled to whatever version was on the disk I had. Turns out to be 10.05r1. That version had the same issue. Not sure which I had where it just worked right.