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Plane Maker freezes after clicking file/open.  I have reset the preferences folder and that did not work.  I'm using Windows 10 (updated) on a surface pro 4, X-plane is updated and works fine.  I deleted plane maker and ran the installer again which didn't work as well.  I also tried running the program in various compatibility (Win 7, 8, vista) modes to no avail.


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I'm having the exact same issues and have tried all the same things. attempting to run Plane Maker 11.11r2 on Windows 10.
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I have the same problem. Any ideas?

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I have the same problem too. When I click file/open the window freezes and if I move the window inside of it turns black. Same problem also occurs at Airfoil Maker.


I am using an updated X-Plane 11.1 Pro version and Windows 10 Enterprise. I have tried preferences reset and stuff. Not working
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Same exact thing happening here. Did anyone get any answers to fix this?