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Hello, I am a new user here. I trie to download the free versión, for my son, he has 14 year old, and he want to be in a future a comercial pilot.

I think he need to practic whith a complete version for computer, but we want first use a trail version for check the system requirements, but now, the version for download generated a error.

My windows version is 7 of 32 bits.

I'm sorry. I am spanish and my english is very very.... short.

Thank you.

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X-Plane 10 is available in 32 or 64 bits. You can download the installer here and try the demo.

X-Plane 11 is only available in 64 bits.

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Considering that with 32 bit Windows, you are restricted to roughly 3.5GB of RAM, it should be obvious that X-Plane 11 needing about 8GB of RAM, a 32-bit version does not make any sense.

Assuming your CPU is capable of 64 bit, you could try to make a second installation of a 64bit operating system (Linux maybe if you are not afraid of it), the try the X-Plane 11 Demo.

I would not recommend X-Plane 10 on 32bit either, because it needs a LOT of RAM, too. X-Plane 9 should work, however (unfortunately real weather stopped working due to a change at the NOAA servers).