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Whenever I do commercial airline flights in X-Plane 10, I usually fly between FL300 and Fl370. But I only have visibility for a mile, then after that, no land or anything... Here's a pic...

Any suggestions on how to fix this? (In rendering settings, my visibility is set to low. This isn't the problem, because when I set it to high and extreme it just stayed the same).

Also, I am using Ortho4XP photoreal scenery, and when I add it to x plane, it not only does this, (the picture above), but also this...

Any help is appreciated!








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Check if you have extended DSFs enabled in the rendering settings window. If it's not, X-Plane might not be loading scenery from far enough away. There was a loading bug that was fixed in the last version of X-Plane 10 so make sure to run the installer and update to double check that you have all those fixes.

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