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What are the parking brakes that you release called? I changed the letter by mistake on my flight controls and now I can't stop the plane. So when I land the plane at any random airport, it will not allow me to stop, on any aircraft, in any weather. Can you help me??
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Hi Mate,

Do you mean parking brakes for when you are parked and engaging before shutdown or are you meaning normal brakes for when you have landed and want to come to a stop? Parking brakes are only used in an emergency to stop the aircraft after touchdown if the main brakes have failed.

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No, when you first enter X-Plane what are the brakes that you have to release to be able to get the plane moving? So that when you throttle up, the plane does not stay stationery.


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Use menu key

By default the "b" key switch parking brakes ON/OFF

the default key files for XP and FSX are located here

X-Plane 11\Resources\keyboard presets
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It's called "Toggle brakes max effort."

V key by default.
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Ok so a quick question about decelerating the plane after landing. What position should the autobrakes be in when landing? Also is this routine correct? After touchdown, I engage reverse thrust and the autobrakes will deploy automatically. At about 70 knots I release reverse thrust and use my toe brakes to stop. Anything wrong? And also in your comment where you say the v key is "toggle brakes max effort", what kind of brakes are you referring to? Thanks!
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I was answering  you question, so this command is for parking brakes.

On an airliner, when touching down :
-Autobrakes activate if you've set autobrakes between 1 and 3.  3 is only for dry runways.

- spoilers deploy automatically if you've armed them. To arm them : one more crank to retract, when already retracted

-Reverse is triggered manually, you can add full thrust to decelerate faster, but only above 80 knots, so that dust, gravels and hot air don't enter the engine.

-if you manually press the wheel brakes, autobrakes will disengage.

-parking brakes are only used when parked.
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Thanks that was very helpful! So when landing at a long runway like above 12000 feet then auto brakes can be set to 1 during landing right? If it is more of a short runway like around 8000 feet then auto brakes 2 should be used? I will be flying in the default 738 most of the time. Thanks!
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Exactly. A short runway would be more something like 1500m, for a B738/A320, depending on the landing weight. The autobrake is also chosen depending on the taxiway you want to make, to avoid performing a 180 on the runway.
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Sorry for pestering you so much, I promise this is the last question. So if spoilers are armed on landing when do I need to retract them?
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Spoilers are retracted when the runway is vacated. The flaps are retracted at the same time.