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My questions relate to these two previously demonstrated methods:

Method #1:  Michael Brown at XforcePC demonstrates 4 monitors running with discrete views (not Nvidia surround) on a single PC in X-Plane 11 beta here:

Method #2:  Previously, Michael demonstrated the ability to run 3 monitors with discrete views on a single PC by running 3 instances of X-Plane 10.5, achieving 210 degrees field of view, using a Core i7 6900K processor and, I believe, an ASUS X99 Deluxe II motherboard (which allows assigning each instance of X-Plane to a separage pair of CPU cores) here:

Assume both methods use one or more Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards.

X-Plane 11's online manual states that maximum resolution is 9999 x 9999.

Question one is whether method #1 would be limited to three 2560 x 1440 monitors, because the combined resolution would be 7680 x 1440 and therefore less than the maximum resolution noted in the manual?

Question two is whether by using method #2 (with its CPU and motherboard configuration) it would be possible to run three 4k monitors on one computer by using three instances of X-Plane 11 with three GTX 1080 cards, each driving a separate monitor?

Thanks for any insights.

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Re #1: The resolution is limited to 9999x9999 no matter how many monitors you have. So if you have more than would cover that, you would not see any benefit from it. You do not need to increase the resolution to the total of all monitors either. You can use the Graphics settings screen to configure visual offsets for each individual monitor instead.  

Re #2: X-Plane will not start multiple instances on a single computer. In order to drive different views, you would need to have separate computers running separate versions of X-Plane.
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jroberts - Thank you for your quick answers.  Greatly appreciated!

Regarding #2, I agree that it is not possible to start multiple instances of X-Plane from within the program itself.  However, the following post on describes a method of running multiple instances of X-Plane 10 on a single computer:

I don't know if this is the method that Michael Brown at XForcePC used in his demonstration of method #2 above, but is there any reason to believe that the method described in the post would not work in X-Plane 11?