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since X-PIane 11  have 2 copies on my machine installed:

- one 11.05 which works  without issues

- one for the latest versions for testing


In 11.10 beta 7 my machine was crashing regularly, however with latest 11.10 now it worked twice without issues then does not even go to start menu any more. It is stuck @ "will init world".


Last entries in log show:

"I found the following scenery packages (prioritized in this order):"

+ full list of all installed sceneries (doesn't matter whether Custom sceneries folder is full or empty.


In 11.05 the next messages are

"Clean exit from threads.
0:00:04.522 D/HID: HID Bridge Running"


but in 11.10 just nothing happens. Even after 15 Mins it is still in "will init world" step.


How to proceed?

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First please try updating to the 11.11 beta.

If that doesn't help immediately, attach a copy of the log.txt for further troubleshooting.
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upgrade to 11.11r1 was helpful.

Could start the menu and perform a flight without issues.