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This just started happening after I removed 2 older 1080p BenQ projectors and installed 1 new Optima 1080p Darby Projector.

I am up to date on the latest production XP build.

Haven't touched the graphics drivers although they were working fine with the old projectors

I ran the installer, but it didn't update anything

I'm not using VR

I deleted my preferences folder, which is interesting because when I delete it, XP starts up like it's the first time and I can fly, but I can't use any of my peripherals because I won't calibrate them, because...

...when I shut XP down from this 'clean' version and start it up again, I immediately get the white screen with no other option but to quit.

There is also no "Insert File button here so I can't upload my log file.

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Do you change any settings at all from the "clean" launch? You can attach a file by using the icon that looks like a landscape picture.
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I don't change anything on the clean startup.

I start it clean, then immediately exit. I don't monkey around with any settings. When I restart is when I get the WSOD.

I'll post my logs when I get home tonight