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I have just install xplane 10 for mac using steam. I try to flight B777 included by default but i cannot open menu to configure fuel load, open doors, etc  I try re assign keyboard function by assigning a key to "operation/slider 11 but nothing happends. What can i do? please help me


Thanks in advance

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Hi Paco,

You can open the weight and fuel by going to the Aircraft menu -> Weight and fuel. Drag the sliders with your mouse to change the settings. If you want to change it mid flight, I would recommend using the equipment failures also found under the aircraft menu.

The command "operation/slider #" will only work if a slider has been matched to that number in Plane Maker. The 777 is from X-plane 9 or earlier, so it may not have all the features available in X-Plane 10. What were you hoping to accomplish by using slider 11?