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I recently bought x plane 10 for my Macbook Pro without knowing or thinking too much of the requirements to run it. My laptop has a 2.3 GHz intel core i5 Processor with a intel HD graphics 3000 384 MB card. Ive tried turning down the rendering options and graphic display to low, I find it runs somewhat better but the game isn't enjoyable when the graphics are that low.

If someone could please help me out I would really appreciate the information. Ive looked into getting a Ram upgrade from 4 to 8 but people have told me this won't solve the problem.
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384mb of vram its enough in my opinion, heard x-plane 10 runs mostly on the video card not so much on the cpu.

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Sorry but your processor isn't good enough to run x-plane 10. The minimum processor is 2.5ghz or faster. Yours is only 2.3ghz. Also stock Intel cards aren't that great as well. RAM is fine BUT your graphics card and processor will need a massive upgrade. If you have the money upgrade your processor to an i5 or an i7 above 3.0ghz and get a Nivida gtx 760 2gb card for a mid range card. If you want to go higher in money get a 970 or 980 4gb. Be aware if you get a Nivida card there are major driver issues that result in OpenGL crashes which I am experiencing currently.
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Thanks Rishi Shah,


Whats your personal recommendation then? What computer will support this?
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If you can get a gaming desktop or build your own (within your budget of course) that will be great otherwise you should get x-plane 9 or look to get a considerable upgrade in the near future. How old is your Mac? lol its 5 yrs. Your graphics card has under a gig of vram. 30 days ago I spent a good amount of $$ to upgrade. My specs run X-plane 10 at medium to almost high settings. But you need a massive upgrade my friend

My specs

MSI Z87-G41 Motherboard

Nivida gtx 970 4 gb  vram NEW

Intel i7 4770k @3.5 ghz