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I have a server grade computer which has a windows experience index of 7.9 for all except processor, 7.6 for processor, 16GB Xeon 8 core, SSDs, Nvdia  Geoforce GTX Titan with 6GB, running windows 7.  It ran fine before latest 11.11 update, could barely scratch the surface of processor or graphics card performance with highest rendering options. It is now saying ,slow frame rate, only about 15-20 frames max even on runway. If I run task manager is shows it's consistently only using max about 20% CPU, 79% idle (everything else only manages 1%, gtn750 uses 1%) but consistently slow frame rate.  I suspect your new update doesn't use all cores or doesn't use graphics card optimally or something.

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btw the frame rate stays slow with the sliders for graphics demand turned way down from what they were to remove windshield effects, anti-aliasing, minimal objects etc, less texture - it was fine before with all sliders all the way to the right.
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I'm in the same boat. Running i7 8th gen 6 core cpu, 32gb ram, GTX1080 GPU. XP11 ran great until 11.11, now it takes forever to load, and the framerate is so poor during a flight, its unusable... Hope this is fixed soon...
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I am having the same problems. AMD Radeon with Windows 10. Tried all the changes listed to no avail. Windows 10 was already set to High Performance and all drivers for Card is updated. XP11 was fine until updated to version 11.11. Barely getting into the teens on frame rate after all the changes that minimally use Graphics and Processor. Too slow to fly.. My Computer is dedicated to my Flight Sim so there is very few other programs on it.

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Seems some antialiasing issue ongoing, i had the same problem and solved it by setting antialiasing to FXAA,

You can set all other slider to MAX with your rig. Hope that helps for you !


Oh and get the latest drivers for your card :)


Let me know if it works for you !
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Thanks for the tips. Lowering antialiasing helped with the load time, but the game still runs around 8/fps, where it used to run between 40-60/fps (without v-sync), using the same settings. It seems like the CPU / GPU under-utilized. With 11.10 and previous versions, the CPU / GPU load would run pretty hot during the initial rendering. Now they stay cool, and dont seem to be utilized the same way... I have the Steam installation (with addons) and a regular installation (no addons) and they are impacted same.


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You may want to make a copy of your XPlane\preferences folder somewhere and then delete it from the Xplane folder and reload your sim. Go back to settings and reset them to what you had previous to v11.11 and then check the performance and see what you get.

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Thanks Steve,

I tried the XPlane\preferences folder reset, but it didn't help with the frame rate. Even with all the graphics settings set to the lowest settings, flights take 5-10 minutes load, and the frame rate doesn't go above ~13 fps. The game refuses to run in real time due to low frame rate. This was all loading really fast, and running at 30-40fps with all the settings maxed with 11.10... :(
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Turned antialiasing off completely but no change, also turned sliders and objects and windshield effects down/off. Graphics drivers all up to date. Barely 13fps sitting idling on runway. Something else amiss. I can dump further config if it helps but it’s definitely something to do with the way the graphics card is being driven as cpu is not at all taxed at 20% max, xplane memory usage is only about 2GB out of 16GB.  Must be new version just not driving graphics card properly. I have 2 2560x1600x32 monitors and 1 1600x1200 but they were fine before.
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So I finally had some success. I had to change my Windows 10 Power Plan to "High Performance". Once I did that XP11.11 started to run fast again. Not sure why XP11.11 was impacted by the power plan selection and XP11.10 was not (fine with "Balanced"), but that seemed to be that case for me.
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Thanks again for tip but changing performance settings

 sadly didn't work for me either - screenshots  (need to scroll across) with task man showing balanced and high performance - still hovering around 13fps sitting on runway.

Also screenshot of graphics sliders way down.

And finally one showing windows specs performance index 7.9 on a sclae of 1 to 7.9 for graphics!