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Hello.  Seem to be missing a very impressive effect - the wing vapor effect .  Is that intentional?  Any way to bring it back please?  Thank you.

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Don't know if Laminar has toned down their “Particle Effect” in the latest update, since some had commented that the effect was a bit “exaggerated” in 11.30.  If you know how to use the PlaneMaker.exe app, you can check whether the "vapor" feature is enabled on any particular aircraft.  The feature is managed under the following section for each airplane...

    Drop-down menu: Expert | Invisible Parts. 

    At the bottom section, check “Use X-Plane's built-in wing heat effects”.

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Hi YYZSimmer,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Have you recently downloaded XP11.40 beta version or the latest official release version which I think is 11.36?

If it is the 11.40 beta version have you seen the following links found at  and

Austin has done a lot of work in creating this beta version and asks flight simmers trialing the version for comments and or problems etc.  One of the changes or adjustments made in this beta version is vapour trails.

On the basis you have downloaded 11.40 and you have watched the two links then I strongly suggest you make direct contact with Austin.  He provides his contact details.