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I’m trying to install 11for the 1st time and it keeps freezing on me  I tried updating my graphics on the computer and it didn’t help  

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How much RAM? Maybe present your Log.txt.

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Not sure. Might be you’re hard drive. What type is it? I would recommend getting a SSD just for xplane. I got a Sandisk 240 gb. It use to take more than 10 minutes to load, now with the SSD it only takes 1 minute!!!! It saves so much time. But it is a little pricey, but time is more important than money, right? Check best buy online or Amazon for the sandisk ssd . There on sale now for a really good price around the 70 dollar range for a 240gb which is more than enough for just xplane 11, xplane takes up like around 60gb and that’s with several add on aircrafts and plugins. And the SSD works great.

If you get one tell me and I will help step you through the process of everything else you’ll need and how to install it into you’re computer and how to set it up and how to switch xplane over from the HDd to the ssd.


Hope this helps you,

         Lawson Laslo
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I have a new 250 gig ssd.
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I'm have problems with installation details to disk 2 and stops . I have a 250 gig ssd. Running windows 7 64bit.
Pross,16gig ram ,intelligent r core,i7 3610 qm pcu,@230hhz,
Nvidia gtx 660m 2gb

I recently had it worked on.
The window program has not had updates installed. Yet.
Maby that's the problem. My computer person said not to update till I had all the programs installed. ??