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I accidently deleted the default 737-800, and want to get it back, so i re installed X-Plane 11, is there any other way of gett the default 737-800 instead of reinstalling X-Plane 11, because i waited 2 hours, and it dosen't let me install X-Plane 11.

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Hi Taggingflyer,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Generally when you run the installer file after the initial installation it does a check of your existing files and reinstalls any files that are missing or corrupted.  In your situation the missing 737-800 files should reinstall.

Whenever you select the option to update the software at any time the installer file automatically runs to check for deleted and corrupt files before making any changes.

If it doesn't work attach your log.txt file and resubmit your problem.

Good luck