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I moved  from a 21" iMac to my new 27" IMAc without DVD-drive. I bought the DVD X-Plane 11 set last Year, but there is no license Key inside the Box.

Some clever users mentioned to copy an Iso from DVD1 and mount it ,---  Yes I did but X-Plane does not find it !

Need advice or in easy words a license Key

My DVD set is Barcode 4 015918138994 for PC and Mac


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In case your mounted DVD image is not found by X-Plane, did you try to run the installer from the mounted image?
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Hi, If you  forgot your licence key, you should contact the customer service at
(Only if your dvd set was bought from Laminar Research website)

PS : if you pourchased your DVDs on Steam, which is very likely to be the case considering you bought it a year ago, you should rather contact Steam support.