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HTC Vive with latest firmware.

SteamVR with latest beta version (had same issue with pre-beta)

Intel i5-6400 2.7GHz, 64-bit, Radeon RX480

Vanilla xPlane11, just reinstalled after removing FlyInside.

Tried all kinds of settings in graphics, Vive settings, Radeon settings...

Hangar is great, everything works wonderfully. Once the flight is loaded, the right eye is "stuck" on the hangar. Then I look down (below the horizontal) and it catches up. I look up, right eye freezes again on crossing the horizontal. I look up in the sky, it catches up. Look down again, it freezes, and so on. 

Artefacts (horizontal streaks) in left eye. Otherwise left eye is smooth motion, no jitter. 

Ideas? Not sure what else I can try.

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I think you should make a bug report for the beta.

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