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I purchased and have been running the full version for months (Xplane 11) but every so often it says I need to insert Disk 1 to unlock.  I'm using a Macbook Pro 2016 and it's a pain to have to continually hook up my external dvd drive to make xplane work.  Otherwise the program works perfectly with Mac OS High Sierra.

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Hi David,

I am not with Laminar Research: just a flight simmer.

An unfortunate fact of life. The fact of life is that disc 1 has to be used to keep X-Plane running. There is no password key or USB dongle with the disc version as was the case with version 10.  It annoys me as well but not as much as it does with you as I have a permanent disc drive in my PC.

Unless there is "change of heart" by Laminar Research they have no intentions of creating a USB dongle.


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Glenn, thanks so much for the information.  At least now I know it's not a glitch.

Have a great and safe new year celebration.

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A solution would be Daemon- tools, create a image of your dvd1 and hook that up to daemon -tools.
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Appreciate it.  Thanks.