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Every so often, my X-Plane 11 asks to insert disk 1 to 'unlock the full version of X-Plane 11'

Although annoying having to insert it every time, it wasn't a problem until recently. Unfortunately my dog got hold of the disk and chewed it. On to the main question: Is there any way to change which disk X-Plane 11 asks for?

If there is a way, it would help massively - so when I get asked for a disk, i can use a different disk (eg. Disk 2)

Any answers are appreciated.



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Hi BA_1910

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Like you, I also have a disc version of XP11.  The only way the disc version of XP11 and XP10 will run is with disc 1 installed in your DVD drive at all times.  This is not like XP10 which has a USB dongle available as a substitute for disc 1.  Some time back Laminar Research advised they have no intention of making the USB dongle available for XP11.  If you don't have disc 1 inserted in the dvd drive XP11 will automatically revert to the demo version which is limited to a set location and has a time limit of use (10 minutes)

Neither XP10 or XP1 will accept any other disc as disc 1 has all of the encryptions installed to allow you to run a legal copy of X-Plane.  So in making that statement disc 2 or any other of disc will allow you to run XP.

Considering your dog ate your disc 1, I suggest you contact Laminar Research direct at [email protected] with your problem  In doing so you can make arrangements to acquire a replacement disc 1.  I imagine you may be asked for a fee.

Good luck