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I have just started using Oculus in 11.2vr and loving the sensation in the Cessna 172.

But I cannot seem to set the seat height, my head is always hitting the roof (so to speak).

I have tried reseting the the sensors, dropping my physical seat all of which put me lower down for a while.

As soon as I use "goto seat" or start a new flight, it adjusts me back to my head hitting the roof again.

The arrow keys have no effect in VR - so is the a way to adjust the seated position?
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I tried your suggestion by holding it 3 inches below my eyes.

I found myself with my head halfway through the top of the wings - (very interesting feeling staring at AVGAS on the wing!).

I then pressed the menu to go back to seat and it places me exactly where I always am, head touching roof.

It seems to have its own positioning which means if I lower my self to the correct position and then go outside or look at any of the views, as soon as I go back to the seat, I feel like I am sitting on a 6inch cushion.
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I have the same problem and would like it fixed

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Do you typically start X-Pane with the VR headset on your head? If so, try holding it lower to see if that sets the "default" head location lower in the cockpit.

There are quite a few changes planned for VR based on the feedback we've gotten, so I would suggest checking the next beta or so to see if this type of issue is addressed.
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I mean, this resets when you want to go to another view and back but it does work. Simply, while in vr locate your keyboard arrow controls and press the up or down arrow key and your height adjusts.
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That's fine but it doesn't remember your position.

As soon as you press the "goto seat" on the menu you are back where you started - too high.