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X-Plane 11, Flight Pro yoke  and rudder pedals

I like to raise the seat in the 172SP model about 2 clicks.  I have a button on my yoke set to "D 3-D Cockpit" that centers my view forward from where ever I may be looking.  However, it also lowers the seat position back to its default position.  Can I alter the default seat height or change something in the D: 3-D cockpit view?

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The simplest thing to do, albeit a temporary solution, is to press the up arrow key a couple of times when you've gone back to the 'default' internal cockpit view, from say an external view.

This is what I do each time and it's easier than the alternative, that being to change some settings in the Plane Maker app. This will give you the permanent viewpoint change that you're looking for however!

If you would like more information on this, please get back to me and I will try to explain in more detail.


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