3D mouse in VR

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asked Feb 10 by Essin (16 points)

From the 11.20 beta instructions:

Using the Mouse in VR
You can turn on a 3D mouse cursor while using VR by checking the “Enable 3D Mouse Cursor” box in Settings > VR Hardware

I've had zero success with this, mostly because there is no "Settings/VR Hardware" section.

Using an Oculus Rift w touch controllers and 11.20vr1

I intend to use the mouse for those hard-to-reach places under the dashboard where the touch controllers go blind

1 Answer

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answered Feb 10 by Pascal_LSGC (30 points)

The current version (VR1) is not in sync with the doc. I suppose VR2 should come out very soon.

All the best in VR

commented Feb 10 by Essin (16 points)
That makes total sense :-)

Thanks a bunch for the A
commented Feb 10 by Pascal_LSGC (30 points)
You're welcome,

And congrats for discovering the brand new doc ;-) !
commented Feb 11 by Essin (16 points)
Aaaand there's VR2 :-)

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