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If I change the fuel value in the aircraft config screen from the default value, when I prep the electrics or start the engine, it resets to the default fuel value.

E.g. Cessna Skyhawk, add 250lbs total fuel, resets to 175 on startup, same with other aircraft.

Running 11.11 on Mac OSX High Sierra.



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I could not reproduce this with a default install. Double check that all the fields for weight are updating properly--I've noticed that if you change the total fuel weight field then use the tab key it doesn't adjust the other fuel fields properly. Try using the enter key to keep your changes. Otherwise check for add ons that may be interfering.
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Complete fresh install, no plugins. Add full fuel to Cessna Skyhawk either by typing or using sliders, metric or imperial, engines switched off. 

On the runway, prep electrical systems, fuel resets to default value. 

Again add full fuel via config screen, fuel shows up on fuel gauges, 

start engine, fuel defaults again crying

So this is the Steam XPlane 11.10 on Mac, completely fresh install, no plugins.

All help appreciated!



Started plane using manual procedure i.e. not using the menu option to prep the electrics and start the engine and it kept the fuel value correct. So it looks like a problem with the menu option.