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I can't find out any dataref about Rest in DataRef( ) But in the Xpane-11 settings, there are commands in -Operation -Flight Rest.

  But when i try to send DataRef, nothing happen.

 If you can help me ,please comment.Thank you sooooo much
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Don't think you can do it via datarefs, try sending in a command:


Hope that helps.

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Follow up to this question:

Does anybody know of a dataref that indicates a crash? Currently I'm only aware of the dialog box in the graphics, but I'd like to be informed about a plane crash via some UDP dataref.

Unfortunately I could not find any that is directly indicating a crash.

Is there maybe a combination of dataref's which can be combined to reliably detect a plane crash?


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Hi Felix,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Because you asked a slightly different question (my interpretation) by submitting it as an answer others will interpret the original question as being answered and your question will be buried.

I respectfully suggest you ask the question again by creating your own original question.

Good luck.