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Am I missing it or does one need an after market program like XPUIC to put the B-737 fuel start and cut off levers on a switch? Even with the latest upgrade 11.35 I still don't see this option.


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Map these to your Buttons in the Settings/Joystick page
Engine 1 mixture hold cutoff/idle
Engine 2 mixture hold cutoff/idle

Remember to save as a profile when complete
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Hi thanks for the reply on my question about the start levers for the B737. I looked in settings, joystick for the "Engine 1 mixture hold cutoff" in the pull down menu and did not it anywhere. I did see various ones on mixture up a bit and mags on or off, but not the one you mention. Am I looking the right place or am I doing something wrong.

Thanks for your help


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It is a long list. There is a search type feature if you type it in
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I typed it in just like you wrote it and nothing. I also went through the list item by item and still can't find it. Just to be sure we are talking about the X plane 11 Settings/Joystick page right. or is this an XPUIC program were the Engine 1 Mixture Hold Cutoff/Idle is in?

Thanks again for your reply's, I appreciate it.


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