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I get a graphics driver error message telling the PIxel shader function will not work with the installed graphics card/driver.  Is there a way to configure the graphics setting before I click to start a new flight?  I would rather do this instead of buying a new graphics card for my office computer which I am just running to learn to use the glass panels on the 172 plane.


NOTE: The DEMO version worked fine until I installed the paid version.

I am running DirectX version 12!!!!

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There is no difference between the demo & paid versions aside from the time limit and global scenery.

This may be an issue with a third party add on--do you use Fly Inside? We've seen errors like this with their app because they modify our default files and the 11.10 update changed a lot of these files.

Otherwise, include a copy of the full log.txt for any further troubleshooting help.