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Hi,I'm trying to get the latest Beta version of X-Plane 11

 My menu does not have an option to tick to get / use Beta versions in the heading "about"x-plane

Sorry if I've missed something here.

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Keith (Sheldo911)
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I have now found out how to do it !!

So sorry to have raised the question

Best regards

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Would be nice to share your solution !
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Well I thought I had via but right at the end it says I've had a problem so sorry but I'm now about to go back to LR forum with at least a step or two forward

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This might just be a temporary issue. You should try again later.

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2 possibilities :

-You've purchased X-plane from Laminar Research directly (on :
Run the installer to update X-plane and you'll find the beta box to be ticked while going through the update process.
The installer can be found here :

-You've purchased X-plane from Steam :
Launch Steam and in your games library, right click on x-plane, click on properties. In the subwindow that pops up, under the appropriate tab, activate beta updates. Note that not all beta versions are published for steam users, and that there is some delay (several days) between beta anouncements ( and Steam access to beta.

Hope this helps.
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Well I did manage to get it up and running thanks,and I think it was as you said "a temporary issue" because when I tried again later that day it went straight through with update option ticked etc etc

Thank you for your time on this

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