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My Windows 10 runs with Intel Graphic HD 510 GPU & Intel Core i3 6098CPU with 8 Gb RAM.Please advise how to improve my frame rates. Thank you

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It has become an all too familiar problem with the XP11.11 upgrade. I have the same problem, along with many others.. Hopefully they will fix it.
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i have the same problem i hope they work to solve these low fps
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Hi Keith,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements? Preferably the recommended requirements.  These details can be found at

I have done some research and the information gathered tells me that your computer GPU is part of the motherboard within your computer.  The details can be found at  You need to be connected to a dedicated graphics card.

The article also tells me that the motherboard is fitted to a notebook computer.  To run X-Plane, more particularly from XP10 onwards on a laptop you need to be connected to a "gaming" laptop wherein they have dedicated graphics cards and have reasonable cooling ability although some brands are better than others.  

X-Plane is CPU and GPU hungry which emphasizes the need for a dedicated graphics card  and sufficient RAM.  Both these units generate heat necessitating additional cooling is required.  NVidia graphics cards give you better performance than AMD cards.  

To confirm my comments, scroll back through some recent questions in this forum whereby Jennifer (jroberts), from Laminar Research has made the same comments.  There was one question related to loss of frame rates to a level you are currently experiencing.

Should my assumptions be correct and you decide to purchase a new computer, purchase a purpose built PC to meet your current affordability.  In doing so you can upgrade components as funds permit.  Stay away from a MAC system.  Your spent monies can give you a better system over and above what you would pay for a MAC.  As stated above stay away from anything AMD to obtain a better performance. 

Hope this helps rather than hinder and leads you towards a better experience with X-Plane.