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I was getting periodic updates automatically buyt haven't for a while I don't remember changing any settings in this regard. Now the 11.30 is out and I'm very ecited but still see I have version 11.26. I'm assuming that the updates have rolled out but I didn't get one. Ive looked to see of I could just manually update but haven't found if that's possible. I know you guys are busy but if 11.30 is out I would like to be current.

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Hi! If you are using the version of X-Plane sold on our site,, you can run the installer application and download the latest beta! Have fun!
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Hello, i have the same problem, try to update with your Updater, but there is no result. I am a captain of one of Russian aircompany, may be it is problem?
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Hi - You can try this with a VPN as well!
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Run the installer. You will notice a little tick box that will ask if you want to install the Beta updates.