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The issue:

VR tracks and works just fine in the virtual hangar while moving/looking around. Once I load a flight the inside the cockpit focus is just FINE, however once I try to focus on an object outside the cockpit, I cannot focus my eyesight - the image is split, out of focus. It feels like one eye sees one thing and the other eye sees the other thing. There is definitely a problem with synchronization of the image. Not sure how to fix that. (Almost tempted to say that my visual offset settings are off. They are all been reset and set to 0 currently).

Used to have FlyInside installed. It worked ok, however the performance was suffering.

I have a powerful machine. I run Win10, 4.5 Ghz Intel processor, 32 Gigs of RAM, EVGA GeForce 1080 Ti SC2.

All the drivers are current. Steam VR installed (reinstalled again). FlyInside is uninstalled.

I would be grateful for any ideas/help.

My sim runs AMAZING otherwise with almost everything maxed out in the settings.

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The only advice I have right now is to please be patient with this first build of VR. We've received a lot of feedback and have been working on fixes and improvements since it was released, so the next beta may even include a fix for this. We do have a few known rendering bugs we are working on.

One thing to double check is your frame rate. VR is very CPU intensive and requires a higher frame rate--around 45 without VR enabled is the goal. If fps is lower that this, it can cause weird graphics issues.