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Hello! I have the DVD version X-Plane 9, And when I try to install it on my PC, (Windows 10) I get this dreadful error over and over again:  

"I cannot open the graphics interface file"
"It seems that you have moved X-Plane out of the X-System folder"
"NO! NO! Create a shortcut if you want, but do not move the X-Plane application itself out of the X-System folder that it came in"

but i didn't touch any files!!!!!  =S

I have tried practically everything trying to solve this error, but the result is always the same! Can somebody give me lights with this problem? 

thanks in advance!! =) !!

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Oh please! =/ anyone can help?
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у меня почти то же самое ! не может открыть файл Graphicеский

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Do you see this error when you try to install or when you try to run the sim? How are you launching the sim? It could be a bad shortcut or similar. Try going to the X-Plane folder & double clicking on the exe icon there to start the sim.
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Hello! Thank you very much for your answer, the error appears when I try to install it, executing the installation file already decompressed, called "X-file" Immediately after the dialog window showing the error is displayed.
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Please go to this webpage and scroll down to the Install X-Plane 9 from DVDs section. Download the installer file for your operating system. Unzip the file and move the installer to the desktop. Insert DVD 1, then double click the installer you just moved and try installing from scratch again.

Here is the X-Plane 9 manual if you need more step by step instructions on how to install.